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You are the New Mobile Enterprise

Marshall Aronow CEO MetTel   We’ve all been there….in a car, on a train or even a plane. You get on a call with your colleagues to discuss an important presentation but typically spend 5 minutes just looking for that email with a key attachment among all those other hundreds of em...

06 Sep
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To BYOD or Not to BYOD? The “Two-Minute Drill” is the Answer

Max Silber VP of Mobility MetTel   Over the past several years, the balance of power has shifted from the seller to the buyer as the digital consumer took to the Internet and took control of the transaction process. Armed with Apple’s iPhone, the first true consumer smartphone arriv...

27 Oct
MetTel Federal

Transforming Government is Imperative to the Nation’s Long-term Competitiveness

Marshall Aronow CEO MetTel (Manhattan Telecommunications)   Telecommunications has seen its fair share of re-invention, from the early days of smoke signals, telegraphs, Western Union, coaxial cables, satellite, phone lines and the internet to AT&T’s introduction of the T1 Carri...

01 Aug
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How IoT Brings Digital Transformation to Key Functions, without the Pain of “Disruption”

Max Silber VP of Mobility MetTel   Technology leaders are always extolling the newest innovations that can disrupt prevailing industries and business models. The latest craze is artificial intelligence (AI) and not long before that, businesses were excited by the potential of 5G. Ever...

15 Jun
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Re-Defining Innovation Labs: the Need for Education, Partnership and Mostly, Customers

  Ed Fox VP of Network Services MetTel The concept of “innovation labs” has proliferated for over a decade, yet over the last few years we’ve seen a few big-name companies shutter them for some reason. Surely it can’t be that innovation wasn’t important anymore to brands l...

06 Jun
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Enterprises Must Engage in “Continuous Development” to Navigate Accelerating Change

As the MetTel Innovation Summit: Navigating Change rolled on, one of the leading enterprise analysts, Mike Sapien, of Ovum took us through some global research from a survey of 3,000 companies and shared his insights on those findings.Overall, Ovum found that while enterprise customers are not...

16 Feb
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Building a Cadence of Change: Four Attributes that Define Today’s Fast Company

At the Third annual MetTel Innovation Summit in Scottsdale Arizona, Robert Safian, editor-in-chief of Fast Company magazine provided his insights into the four key attributes of nimble organizations that are capable of navigating the hyper-fast changes wrought by relentless technology disruption...

15 Feb
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MetTel Innovation Summit highlights accelerating transformation of Telecommunications to Advanced IT

Increasing Rate of Tech Disruption Cited as Challenge & Opportunity for MetTel to Help Clients Navigate Change Some of the largest enterprises in the world gathered last week at the 2017 MetTel Innovation Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona and made one thing perfectly clear – advanced IT ser...

14 Feb

Setting a Standard for the Internet of Things

By Max Silber VP of Mobility & IoT MetTel   The Internet of Things is a vast, unfolding marketplace that needs a common standard to reach its full potential and enable universal participation. With no central IoT standards and no real oversight over development,...

25 Jan
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The Trump Economy: Back to the future…or Forward?

By Marshall Aronow, CEO, MetTel We have just endured one of the most divisive elections in our nation’s history and now it’s time to usher in a new administration. Regardless of your political sentiments the reality is that Mr. Trump will be our President this month. It is in our best int...

12 Jan
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MetTel Supports Children’s Health Fund as part of Strategic Commitment to Meet Growing TeleHealth Demand

By Mike Azzi MetTel has made a commitment to help vulnerable children with financial support for the Children’s Health fund. As a Philanthropic Partner of the Fund, MetTel's pledge of $75,000 over two years will support the non-profit's mission of delivering high-quality healthcare to Ame...

10 Nov