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Cell Phone Cemetery No More, MDaaS is Alive and Flourishing

stack of phones

For most of us, mobile devices are an indispensable tool, so staying connected is critical in managing work responsibilities—especially in today’s hybrid workplace. Accidental breaks or unexpected complications in a mobile device can bring a workday to a screeching halt. Instead of throwing the broken phone into the “cell phone cemetery” that IT professionals dread, companies are increasingly recycling or replacing the device with ease using MetTel’s Mobile Device as a Service (MDaaS) solution for enterprise mobility

Our technology partners enable us to provide a secure environment with strict privacy standards. We are also constantly monitoring the system and making sure that all security protocols are up-to-date. By using MDaaS, organizations can ensure their data is safe and secure, even when accessed remotely.

MetTel’s SVP of Channel, Tim Hanley, recently appeared on the Techie & the Biz podcast to discuss MDaaS: MetTel’s mobile lifecycle management program.

The following are excerpts from the conversation.

Tim, does MDaaS save a company money compared to how they buy mobile services today?

Yes. As part of our process, we perform a full analysis of customers, invoices, spend, overages, devices, and early termination fees. We complete a comparison of what the analysis would look like in our MDaaS environment. Traditionally, customers should expect to save about 15 to 20% off their current rates by transitioning to MDaaS.

You work with large organizations in the United States. Can you give an example of switching to MDaaS that has proven to be an advantage for your customers?

When an employee leaves a company, inevitably their used cell phone is returned, and IT professionals are unsure about what to do with the device. With our MDaaS solution, that device can be repurposed to something more useful other than the dreaded “cell phone cemetery” that IT professionals speak about. MetTel provides end-to-end lifecycle management for those devices, freeing up space; saving IT professionals a considerable amount of time; and producing significant cost savings.

Does MDaaS work for smartphones? What about tablets and MiFis?

It does, we do not discriminate on device type! MDaaS supports all those devices and more.

How do you reassure a company that MDaaS is safe?

MDaaS incorporates automation into the configuration of the device, which means individuals are not manually configuring the device. This inherently makes it more secure. We have built a lot of automation over the years to guarantee MDaaS is secure for our end users.

What if a company wants to use MDaaS with split devices between Apple and Android users?

The device type and the operating system are irrelevant to the solution. We customize and manage the process for our customers based on their specific equipment needs to support their business. So, all types of devices are covered through our MDaaS offering. 

What is the typical timeframe from the initial engagement to kick-off?

It will depend on the size of the engagement and customer requirements, but typically the timeframe is between 60-90 days. 

Tim, could you tell me how many MetTel customer support team members would be assigned to an account?

This also depends on the size of the engagement, but regardless of size, we have three unique teams that are assigned to an MDaaS deployment. MetTel has a group within our organization called New Client Services (NCS), which is our dedicated project onboarding team assigned to help customers onboard. We also appoint a primary care representative who is responsible for all day-to-day activity, as well as a billing analyst to ensure bill accuracy. MetTel is known for its awarding-winning customer care.

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