Suncoast Hospice

Project Challenges:

Suncoast Hospice, now a member of Empath Health, an integrated network of care, came to MetTel with a unique set of challenges. Suncoast needed to get their field workforce off of 1,000+ ​Black​Berry devices linked to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and onto 4G LTE Android devices. With safety as a priority, Suncoast also sought to eliminate the service interruption common with their existing carrier, while ensuring a secure and compliant solution. Suncoast had a short period of time to deploy a new mobile solution.

Suncoast’s Concerns:

  • Security – no full-featured Mobile Device Management (MDM) in place
  • Required HIPAA Compliance
  • Insufficient and unreliable coverage from the existing carrier
  • Room for cost improvement
  • Better customer care desired
  • Poor local representation and support
  • Sufficient time needed for mobile technology upgrade

MetTel’s Solutions:

Decommissioning the BES server, MetTel upgraded Suncoast’s devices to an Android 4G LTE fleet while building a secured mobile environment. With MDM now in place, MetTel trained and structured a support team for the deployment with a 24/7 dedicated help-desk and on-site assistance. To address coverage gaps linked to reliability, MetTel installed network enhancers in buildings, eliminating service disruption. The conversion process was completed within 60 days, and Suncoast had a new plan optimized to achieve savings with superior AT&T backed service.

  • Security – MDM environment built
  • HIPAA Compliant solutions implemented
  • Coverage improved with AT&T service, and in-building network enhancers
  • Plan optimized to achieve savings
  • Blackberry devices swapped for Android 4G LTE fleet
  • 24/7 dedicated help-desk and VIP Support
  • On-site personnel positioned
  • Total conversion completed successfully within 60 days


MetTel has built a brand revolving around customization and unique requirements. In dealing with clients coming from a diverse set of industries, MetTel’s strength is in adjusting and adapting at a rapid pace. Suncoast posed a unique set of challenges to meet timeline and security demands. MetTel managed to deploy AT&T end-user devices and Mobile Device Management to ensure compliance and security.

MetTel successfully addressed Suncoast’s immediate needs while laying a foundation for future rollouts and product deployments. With additional benefits such as savings, improved coverage, enhanced security and superior customer care, MetTel has quickly become the one-stop-shop for Suncoast’s communication needs.