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Channel Partners Webinar

COVID-19 Business Strategies: How Agents Can Help Protect the Health of Clients’ Businesses in the New Economy

All channel agents are invited to attend this webinar hosted by Channel Partners, featuring MetTel’s Max Silber (VP of Mobility and IoT, Forbes Business Development Council).

Date: June 25th, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM EDT

About this Webinar:

The economic devastation triggered by COVID-19 is causing businesses to reset expectations for 2020. With the revenue strain that the pandemic has put on tens of millions of businesses, your customers need meaningful ways to instantly, and significantly, reduce recurring costs while improving capability on core operations. This webcast will focus on such cost-efficiency keys as:

  • Cut costs for telecom and IT networks by up to 30% by consolidating resources and vendors
  • Tele-everything – Mobilize your workforce and operations better, faster, cheaper and safer, with touchless delivery and pick-up
  • Sustain a remote work model with savings using collaboration and communication tools and programs
  • Cloudify Services to eliminate capex costs and provide flexibility to shift your business as the market demands
  • Centralize management of procurement, ordering and invoicing to eliminate redundant cost

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