Our Transition Approach

Our relationships with other underlying carriers are like no other in the industry. Our NNI agreements with each IXC, ISP, ILEC and many of the major CLECs allow a level of ease in service delivery that is unique to MetTel. We are able to deliver service seamlessly across multiple carrier networks, regardless of which carrier is providing the last mile of our end-to-end solution. The more complex the solution, the more planning and coordination is required. We are in a unique position to deliver services globally with minimal impact to customers. Our service delivery/provisioning processes increased efficiency and provided ease of transition with service types such as POTS, Centrex, BRIs, MPLS, and Managed Security Service in the following ways:

  • MetTel can take in your information in any form: electronically, paper, fax, email and PDF.
  • Our electronic transfer with underlying carrier’s systems makes order processing fast, accurate and unconstrained.
  • Billing is changed electronically and seamlessly with the outgoing carrier to MetTel.
  • We use ordering templates electronically embedded in our systems, the fastest and most accurate way possible.
  • Our process/capability eliminates manual order errors—no swivel-chairing, no human limitation.
  • MetTel is able to transition thousands of lines per day.
  • Our automated process allows us to convert lines—no phone numbers or connections are lost.
Our Approach to Voice and Data Transition

By leveraging our fully integrated network of underlying carrier interconnection agreements, we are able to provide you an easy and efficient transition to more advanced service types (e.g., data networks). For example, because we have NNIs (Network-to-Network Interface) with many IXCs and ISPs, we have the ability to combine multiple networks, not just ours and one other carrier’s access network. By connecting one IXC-provided network to another, we eliminate the wasted time, effort and confusion of working with multiple carriers: our customers work with only one provider—MetTel. Additionally, these NNIs are vital in transition because we already interface with the other carriers in a unique way. Other carriers typically provide a private line connection from their network to the incumbent’s network until all transition is finished, but we are not bound by this “normal” protocol. Our transition process with multiple network connections, which is completely transparent when monitored through our EIS Portal, is more efficient, easier and much more effective.

Voice and Data Transition MetTel
Monitor and Manage Your Transition through the MetTel EIS Portal

MetTel’s EIS Portal is a proprietary communications management platform, delivered as hosted software that provides agencies with a single, user-friendly interface for all telemanagement needs. The platform delivers 100% transparency into your inventory, usage and spend and offers a robust solution for bill optimization.

  • Real Time Data
  • Invoice Management
  • Help Desk
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile Manager
  • Easy User Interface
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Account Settings
  • Service Ordering