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TechTarget | How to understand DRaaS pricing and budgeting

Originally appearing on TechTarget Network:

Learn how to get the most value out of your disaster-recovery-as-a-service investment by conducting a thorough business impact analysis and following a few simple steps.

Making the decision to move to a disaster-recovery-as-a-service provider is relatively easy, but then comes the hard part: understanding how to accurately price and budget the service…

Ed Fox, CTO of data and network services firm MetTel, recommended developing a clear understanding of critical applications and grouping them into mission-critical, nice-to-haves and minimal-effect categories. “You would be surprised how many companies really don’t have an internal agreement on these points,” he said.

With a clear consensus and a plan in hand, pricing should be reviewed between various DRaaS providers. “The most critical factors will be the current underlying technologies being used in production, such as VM, AIX and Hyper-V,” Fox said.

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