Read five informative customer success stories regarding MetTel-HRS’ Remote Patient Monitoring.

  1. Aditi Pal’s article entitled “Tablet app reduces CHF patient readmissions by 53 percent,” delves into how Health Recovery Solutions provided patients with the PatientConnect enabled tablets at Penn Care (to be used for home monitoring) and their readmission rate fell from 8 percent to 3.8 percent.
  2. A nationally released news story, “HRS and FirstHealth Team Up To Reinvent Telehealth and Reduce Hospital Readmissions,” describes the full-scale partnership of HRS and FirstHealth, a healthcare facility of over 160 units that serves high risk patients with chronic disease across eight North Carolina counties.
  3. A MarketWatch published report, “1 Year Report: Maine’s Leading Home Health Agency Reduces Readmissions by 75% with Cutting Edge Technology from HRS,” describes how HomeHealth Visiting Nurses of Southern Maine (HHVN) achieved a dramatic 75% reduction in overall 30-day hospital readmissions for chronic disease patients when using HRS’ RPM.
  4. Another news article relating to how the Catholic Health and HRS’s partnership leads to a 6% readmissions rate at McAuley Seton Home Care, a 4.5-star rated home care division of Catholic Health.
  5. Finally, this news article entitled, ”60% Decrease in CHF readmissions: Cornerstone VNA uses Health Recovery Solutions Tablets to Reduce Hospital Readmissions,” describes the success Cornerstone VNA, a 4-star rated agency for quality patient care and patient satisfaction, has achieved by using MetTel-HRS’ telehealth to transform their remote monitoring system.