Civilian Agency

Client: ​Civilian Agency
Client since: 2013
Featured Product: Bruin Communications Management Platform, Re-Bill, POTS, Advanced Services

By the Numbers:
19,500 service accounts consolidated
$8 million in savings within the first two years


A ​civilian agency approached MetTel to facilitate its government-mandated effort in reducing costs, while improving sustainability and operational efficiencies. The customer was overloaded with uneconomical and labor intensive billing operations, running its telecom invoicing through a massive, on-premise data infrastructure that was overly complicated and insufficient. The result was a significant annual cost, near $2 million, due to erroneous fees, invoice charges and inefficiencies including:

  • Old systems for invoice management
  • Inconsistent data imports
  • 10,954 unique billing accounts
  • 692 vendors with varied invoice structures
  • 168,347 invoices annually
  • Erroneous payments due to overwhelming processes and invoice tracking
  • Complex hierarchy and cost center structures required high levels of customization
  • Migration needed to be completed within a short time span

MetTel Solutions:

With customized coding for hierarchy and billing structures, uniform invoice uploads through MetTel’s Bruin platform, and imported asset data, the customer:

  • Achieved consistency in data with detailed and uniform invoice structures
  • Improved functionality in invoice management, procurement and IT support
  • Improved information security and workflow within the agency thanks to multi-tiered permission settings with visibility set exclusively to limited ranks and departments
  • Attained an enhanced view of their asset distribution, spend and usage via BI tools
  • Converted 7,678 paper bills to electronic format
  • Consolidated 19,500 service accounts


After migrating 80% of the customer’s accounts through MetTel’s platform within four months, the government department achieved nearly $8 million in savings within the first two years.