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Hearing Aid Compatibility

Hearing Aid-Compatible Phones.

Below is a list of all hearing aid-compatible handset models currently offered by MetTel.

FCC IDManufacturerModelHAC RatingFunctionality Level
BCG-E3085AAppleiPhone 7M3/T4Best
BCG-E3087AAppleiPhone 7 PlusM3/T4Best
BCG-E3159AAppleiPhone 8M3/T4Best
BCG-E3160AAppleiPhone 8 PlusM3/T4Best
BCG-E3161AAppleiPhone XM3/T4Best
BCG-E3218AAppleiPhone XSM3/T4Best
BCG-E3219AAppleiPhone XS MaxM3/T4Best
BCG-E3220AAppleiPhone XRM3/T4Best
BCG-E3309AAppleiPhone 11M3/T4Best
BCG-E3305AAppleiPhone 11 ProM3/T4Best
BCG-E3306AAppleiPhone 11 Pro MaxM3/T4Best
BCG-E3500AAppleiPhone SEM3/T4Best
A4RG020IGooglePixel 4M3/T4Best
A4RG020JGooglePixel 4 XLM3/T4Best
V65E6920KyoceraDuraForce Pro 2M3/T3Best
V65E4610KyoceraDuraXV LTEM3/T4Good
V65E4810KyoceraDuraXV ExtremeM4/T4Best
A3KSMG960USamsungGalaxy S9M4/T3Best
A3LSMG965USamsungGalaxy S9 PlusM4/T3Best
A3LSMN960USamsungGalaxy Note 9M4/T3Best
A3LSMG973USamsungGalaxy S10M4/T3Best
A3LSMG975USamsungGalaxy S10+M4/T3Best
A3LSMG970USamsungGalaxy S10eM4/T3Best
A3LSMA102USamsungGalaxy a10eM3/T3Best
A3LSMA205USamsungGalaxy A20M3/T3Best
A3LSMG981USamsungGalaxy S20M3/T3Best
A3LSMN970USamsungGalaxy Note 10M4/T3Best
A3LSMN975USamsungGalaxy Note 10+M4/T3Best
A3LSMN981USamsungGalaxy Note20M3/T3Best
A3LSMN986USamsungGalaxy Note20 UltraM3/T3Best
A3LSMN988USamsungGalaxy S20 UltraM4/T3Best

Non-Hearing Aid-Compatible Phones. There are no Non-Hearing Aid-Compatible Phones currently offered.

Functionality level

Good: Devices with basic technology that work well with entry-level data speeds.

Better: Devices with advanced technology or functionality.

Best: Devices with new technology or functionality that work best with faster data speeds.


M-ratings for mobile phones
M-ratings indicate how well phones reduce interference to a hearing aid operating in acoustic coupling mode. Each phone is assigned an M-rating from M1 to M4. M4 is the highest. The higher the rating, the more likely the phone avoids interference. Under FCC rules, a phone must have an M-rating of M3 or M4 to be hearing aid compatible. These phones are less likely to interfere with hearing aids.

T-ratings for mobile phones
T-ratings indicate how well phones reduce interference to a hearing aid operating in inductive coupling mode, in other words, with a telecoil. Each phone is assigned a rating from T1 to T4. T4 is the highest. The higher the rating, the better the phone avoids interference. Under FCC rules, a phones must have a T-rating of T3 or T4 to be hearing aid compatible. These phones are more likely to work well for people who use hearing aids with telecoils.

Additional Information: 

Visit to learn more how wireless phones are rated for hearing aid compatibility.

Explore the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) website at to find more information regarding current and older hearing aid-compatible and non-hearing aid-compatible wireless phones that will work best for you.

Last Updated: October 15, 2020

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