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Hearing Aid Compatibility

Hearing Aid-Compatible Phones.

Below is a list of all hearing aid-compatible handset models currently offered by MetTel.  

FCC ID Manufacturer Model Rating Type Tier
BCG-E2816A Apple iPhone 6 M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E2946A Apple iPhone 6S M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E2944A Apple iPhone 6S Plus M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E3085A Apple iPhone 7 M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E3087A Apple iPhone 7 Plus M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E3159A Apple iPhone 8 M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E3160A Apple iPhone 8 Plus M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E2945A Apple iPhone SE M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E3161A Apple iPhone X M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E3218A Apple iPhone XS M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E3219A Apple iPhone XS Max M3/T4 Smart Business
BCG-E3220A Apple iPhone XR M3/T4 Smart Business
2ACCJN012 Alcatel Cingular Flip 2 M4/T4 Feature Low
TYKNX9320 Casio GzOne Commando M4/T4 Smart Business
NM8G011A Google Pixel 2 M4/T3 Smart Business
ZNFG011C Google Pixel 2 XL M4/T3 Smart Business
A4RG013A Google Pixel 3 M3/T3 Smart Business
A4RG013C Google Pixel 3 XL M3/T3 Smart Business
NM8G-2PW2100 Google Pixel XL M4/T4 Smart Business
V65E6782 Kyocera Brigadier M4/T3 Smart High
V65E4281 Kyocera Dura XTP M4/T4 Feature Low
V65E6560 Kyocera DuraForce M3/T3 Smart Business
V65E4710 Kyocera DuraXE M4/T4 Feature Low
V65E6790 Kyocera DuraForce XD M3/T3 Smart Business
V65E6820 Kyocera DuraForce Pro M4/T3 Smart Business
V65E4610 Kyocera DuraXV LTE M3/T4 Feature Low
V65S2720 Kyocera Cadence M4/T4 Feature Low
ZNFB460 LG B470 M3/T4 Feature Low
ZNFH910 LG V20 M4/T3 Smart Business
ZNFV350A LG V35 thinQ M3/T3 Smart Business
ZNFH871 LG G6 M4/T3 Smart Business
ZNFX410PM LG K30 M3/T3 Smart Business
IHDT56KR1 Motorola Barrage M4/T3 Feature Low
IHDT56WD1 Motorola Moto E4 Plus M3/T3 Smart Business
IHDT56WB2 Motorola Moto Z2 Force M3/T4 Smart Business
IHDT56XE1 Motorola Moto Z3 Play M4/T4 Smart Business
A98-RSZ3446 NEC Terrain M3/T3 Smart Business
A3LSCHU680 Samsung Convoy 3 M4/T4 Feature Low
A3LSMB690V Samsung Convoy 4 M3/T4 Feature Low
A3LSMG360AZ Samsung Galaxy Core Prime M3/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMB780A Samsung Rugby 4 M3/T3 Feature Low
A3LSCHI435 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini M3/T3 Smart High
A3LSMG900A Samsung Galaxy S5 M3/T3 Smart High
A3LSMG920A Samsung Galaxy S6 M3/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMG890A Samsung Galaxy S6 Active M3/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMG930US Samsung Galaxy S7 M4/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMG891A Samsung Galaxy S7 Active M3/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMG950U Samsung Galaxy S8 M4/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMG955U Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus M3/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMG892A Samsung Galaxy S8 Active M4/T3 Smart Business
A3KSMG960U Samsung Galaxy S9 M4/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMG965U Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus M4/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMN950U Samsung Galaxy Note 8 M4/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMN960U Samsung Galaxy Note 9 M3/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMJ337A Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime M3/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMJ337T Samsung Galaxy J3 (AT&T) M3/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMJ337V Samsung Galaxy J3 (Verizon) M3/T3 Smart Business
A3LSMJ737V Samsung Galaxy J7 M3/T3 Smart Business
WYPL11V012AA Sonim XP7 M4/T4 Feature Low
WYPPG2132 Sonim XP5s M4/T4 Feature Low

Non-Hearing Aid-Compatible Phones. Below is a list of all non-hearing aid-compatible handset models currently offered by MetTel.

FCC ID Manufacturer Model Rating Type Tier
A3LSCHI110 Samsung Illusion M4/- Smart High
A3LSPHL710 Samsung Galaxy S3 M4/- Smart High
A3LGTI9505 Samsung Galaxy S4 N/A Smart High

Tier Definitions

Low Tier: Voice centric phone that supports messaging. Has small displays and works mostly on the 1XRTT network.
Mid Tier: Improved camera features, greater then 1 Mega Pixel with better resolution with at least QCIF display. Works mostly on the 1XRTT and EVDO networks.
High Tier: Improved camera features, greater then 2 Mega Pixel with better resolution (QVGA or better). A touch screen that works mostly on the EVDO and or EVDO-Rev A networks.
Business: Devices that support operating systems like RIM, MS (Micro-Soft) or Palm. These devices support both data and voice functions.

M-Ratings: Phones rated M3 or M4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to generate less interference to hearing devices than phones that are not labeled. M4 is the better/higher of the two ratings.
T-Ratings: Phones rated T3 or T4 meet FCC requirements and are likely to be more usable with a hearing device’s telecoil (“T Switch” or “Telephone Switch”) than unrated phones. T4 is the better/higher of the two ratings. (Note: not all hearing devices have telecoils in them.)

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