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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobility management beyond your expectations.

MetTel provides forward-thinking control over all of your company’s phones and mobile devices. Our managed mobility solutions are designed to reduce your IT burden and lower your costs. We provide all staging, kitting and procurement plus total mobile device management and better, wider coverage.

When you expect more, you get more.

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Improve efficiency.

MetTel has enterprise mobility management tools that will show you what you’re doing right and where you could do better. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your business, your whole business, from anywhere.

Analyze this.

Our team builds and hosts custom reports that provide insight into spending patterns, variances, and forecasts by your location, region, state, or system-wide. MetTel Mobility provides better protection and compliance with network-based security and controls. Pay for exactly what you need and only what you need.

Centralized set-up.

MetTel’s mobility solutions are easily set up and integrated into your existing systems. With our centralized kitting and deployment, your devices always arrive ready to use right out of the box.

Fleet and business IoT.

All our enterprise mobility solutions and products are managed by industry professionals who have one thing on their minds: helping you work smarter.

Mobility solutions

Mobile Device as a Service: Benefits

Mobility is the cornerstone of the modern workplace and it’s communications that underpins everything we do. For most companies, distributing and managing secure equipment, places tremendous strain on the IT team.

Investing in Mobile Devices as a Service (MDaaS) improves the management experience by outsourcing part or all of the entire enterprise mobility program to MetTel.

The missions of most companies hinge on their ability to communicate. Support your workforce and free up your resources with MDaaS.

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  • AI-Powered Order-to-Delivery

    Need to get a device configured and shipped fast? There's no need to wait or pay for rush shipping. MetTel’s end-to-end service and lifecycle management means every organization can leverage on-demand ordering with a fully automated order-to-delivery service powered by our smart warehouses for all enterprise mobility services. Every order placed before 1 PM ET receives guaranteed same-day shipping.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Every business has limited resources, time is valuable. Our commitment to our customers never wavers, no matter the time of day or night. Our dedicated customer service team is US-based and works around the clock to deliver an unparalleled five-star experience wherever you are in the world. We believe that this consistent level of quality and support is paramount—so rest assured, when you need us, we're here!

  • Device Protection

    Accidents happen, but broken devices shouldn’t require you to wait days for a replacement device to arrive. MetTel’s Mobile Device as a Service program includes device protective accessories and free, overnight replacement of a new device. To complete the mobile device lifecycle management, we perform a thorough and highly secure device wipe before recycling.

  • Secure Data Recycling

    Data security is a priority for every business. Your company wants to protect its customers and employees, as well as comply with tightening regulations and increased enforcement. With every device sent back to MetTel for upgrade and replacement we complete a 25-point software-based inspection with specialized software for a complete factory wipe down to the booting system.

Our Solution

Mobile Device as a Service

  • Partnerships with the top wireless carriers in the U.S. and Canada
  • Cross-carrier access and pooling
  • Includes access to award-winning MetTel Portal
  • Includes device staging and kitting with MDM support
  • AI-powered order to delivery automation

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Mobile device solutions to make your people and assets more productive.

Fleet and Workforce Management

Fleet and Workforce Management

Optimize your mobile workforce and automate your fleet assets with a full range of smart mobility solutions and platforms.

IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity

MetTel’s IoT Single SIM card will automatically connect to the strongest mobile signal in any location via the world’s largest communications network with 650+ carriers.

Free Proof of Concept

Businesses with over 25 devices may be eligible for a free proof of concept (POC). Just send us your current invoices and we can tell you how much you can save with MetTel Mobility. Fill out the form to tell us more about your business and we’ll be in touch to start the simple process.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions FAQs

What is a mobility solutions provider?

Mobility in business has become a broad term referencing everything from device and app management to information and content solutions. Providers in the business mobility field may specialize in a particular area or cover multiple niches.

In the case of a device mobility solutions provider, they are responsible for sourcing, storing, readying, and distributing hardware. They will also manage the devices and handle any technical problems along with routine maintenance and updates.

What are examples of enterprise mobility applications?

Mobility applications are services and systems that provide secure access to information or processes. Most mobile applications have a form of operations management component as part of the offering.

What risks are you hoping to solve with an enterprise mobility strategy?

  • Data Breaches – The risk of data breaches increases as employees become more mobile. For example, adding more portable devices enhances the risk of breaches through theft, hacking via public WiFi networks, and misplacement. More endpoints mean more places to enter a network.
  • Device Diversity – Using devices of a different make, build, and operating system can create a heterogenous mobile environment. These environments pose critical security risks and incompatibility issues.
  • Hyperconnectivity – While becoming more connected is beneficial, hyperconnectivity increases exposure to data risks, security loopholes, and malicious apps. It also highlights the need for even more robust security policies for employees.

It’s important to work with a mobility provider when crafting an enterprise mobility strategy. From mobile device management to application management and content management there are considerations to take into account whether for a 50-person organization or 50,000.

How does the Internet of Things (IoT) benefit from enterprise mobility solutions?

Companies are increasingly combining the benefits of IoT-enabled devices with more mobility. IoT can assist companies in optimizing their processes as they shift to a new work model.

In particular, IoT-enabled devices help to simplify data processes and employee monitoring. Gaining actionable corporate data insights can support your company’s continuous improvement programs.

What are the business arguments for adopting MetTel Mobile Device-as-a-Service?

Outsourcing the issue of managing your device hardware to a professional provider can yield significant business benefits financially and operationally. Some of the main reasons why more companies are considering making the switch include:

  • Reduce Overhead – Procuring and managing all the devices your team requires to carry out their day-to-day activities is expensive. With a third-party provider by your side, the issues of procurement and servicing fall to them, reducing your overhead in the long run.
  • Free Up Internal Resources – Give your IT team more time to focus on other business activities by outsourcing tasks like procurement, onboarding, and deploying new devices.
  • Access Better Technology – Staying ahead of the technology curve is necessary to fulfill your security obligations and get the most out of your team.
  • Give Your Employees More Freedom – Allow them to choose devices from an approved list to give them the products they feel most comfortable using while staying within the limits of your budget and security policy. Plus, MetTel provides cross-carrier pooling so what carrier works for one employee in Sacramento might be different from another in Chicago.
  • Eliminate the Unknowns – The unknowns associated with BYOD policies increase your risk exposure. MetTel’s MDaaS gives your company total control over all Internet-enabled devices, making identifying, managing, and mitigating risk more straightforward.

Enterprise mobility solutions are designed to enhance accessibility, improve the employee experience, and address the looming threat of cybercrime.

How do enterprise mobility solutions benefit your customers?

First, the advantages of this model encourage better collaboration by making critical data available to employees on the go. Better collaboration leads to better outcomes, regardless of your industry.

Data security is also a big issue for customers, with more end users choosing whom they work with based on their approach to cybersecurity. Protecting sensitive data is a huge selling point for any business.

Finally, freeing up human and financial capital enables you to use those resources more intelligently at work. Reallocating saved overhead can bolster product/service development and customer service.

Why MetTel?

One provider to help normalize your enterprise mobility program. Leverage MetTel as a carrier for best rates and cross-carrier pooling. One provider, one bill with 24/7/365 US-based customer support. A fully managed mobility program that provides connectivity, easy online ordering, device staging, kitting and configuration, over-the-air device enrollment, mobile device management, break/fix support, overnight shipping, and device wipe and recycle. Receive hands-on support and an orchestration tool to manage your assets, usage, control overages, and more.

Fulfill your mobile technology needs with MDaaS from MetTel by contacting our sales team now.

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