Bruin Enterprise Portal

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  • Federal EIS Portal

    Portal for federal employees and agencies with dashboard, invoice and inventory management, reports, help desk, ordering and more.

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  • Bill Pay Portal

    Customer billing portal to access and pay
    your MetTel invoice.

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  • Agent Portal

    Sales information portal for agent

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Make your business smarter.

AI isn’t the future, it’s now. And it’s here to help improve your business. MetTel’s AI for Communications can perform a wide range of functions like network diagnostics, trouble resolution acceleration, pattern identification and more. From creating a more resilient network to further enhancing proactive customer service, MetTel has the intelligent solutions you need.

Make your data work for you.

It’s impossible for a human to comb the vast amounts of data and determine and actionable insight. That’s why MetTel’s Bruin platform looks at the data for you and finds places to save time and money.

Predict the future.

MetTel AI for Communications analyzes network performance and identifies potential issues before they occur, thereby making informed decisions about aspects from provisioning of resources, assessment of inventory, allocation of assets, prioritization of trouble tickets and more.

Read minds.

With data collecting solutions like Wi-Fi Analytics and Integrated SMS, you’ll gain a deeper insight into your customers, allowing you to serve them better and in turn grow your business.


Innovative solutions. Reliable results.


Our cloud-controlled platform provides detailed insight into phone, data and software expenditures across vendors.

Wi-Fi Analytics

Learn about your customers’ preferences and buying patterns while providing them with a reliable network in your brick and mortar locations.

Integrated SMS

From smarter chatbots to our AI scheduler to adding texting operations on your current phone numbers, MetTel enables you to communicate realtime in ways your customers prefer most.

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