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Wi-Fi Analytics

wi-fi analytics

Discover deep insights with Wi-Fi Analytics.

The days when Wi-Fi only served the customer are over. Turn your Wi-Fi into a powerful tool to attract, retain and analyze customers. With Wi-Fi Analytics, you can gather demographic information, analyze customer behavior and target promotional appeals to specific audiences. As they say, knowledge is power.

  • Everybody Benefits

    People have come to expect free internet access, so why not keep your customers happy and grow your business at the same time?

  • Know Your Audience

    Using a custom branded log-on form to capture Wi-Fi information, customers freely log on to Wi-Fi using popular social media platforms, which creates a direct channel for you to reach them with marketing programs.

  • Location Services

    Use Wi-Fi Analytics to pinpoint customer movement within a few feet, enabling hyper-local marketing messages in real time.

  • Be a Data Collector

    Track consumer interactions with your business, both virtual and brick-and-mortar, and collect Wi-Fi information such as foot traffic, passersby, dwell times, return visits and frequency.

  • Personalize it

    When you know who’s been there, done that, you can connect with your customers and create a personalized experience that will build brand loyalty in a meaningful way.

  • Customer Convenience

    Free Wi-Fi enables customers to book their own tables, make a retail purchase or order a meal online, saving labor costs for you and time for them.

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Make your Wi-Fi a win-win here.

When we say smarter Wi-Fi, we mean it. Reach out, schedule a consultation, and offer a smart connection today.