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POTS Replacement

pots replacement

Introducing POTS Transformation

Digitally transform all your POTS lines.

POTS line providers continue to retire copper/POTS (plain old telephone service) voice infrastructure and support, drastically increasing pricing and fees year-over-year. As companies find a path toward digital transformation, it’s clear they must make plans for POTS line replacement and weigh their POTS replacement options. Moving voice and data services that traditionally require analog devices and dial tones, such as POTS phone lines, alarms, elevators, fax, etc., is an especially daunting task. Now there’s an alternative. MetTel’s POTS Transformation simplifies the complexity and provides a cost-effective and seamless transition that transforms all POTS devices, POTS phone lines, and anything with a POTS connection, such as security alarms and elevator phones, to digital voice service.

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  • Versatility

    MetTel’s POTS Transformation supports voice and data services that traditionally rely on the POTS network and require analog dial tones such as fax, alarms, elevators, POS terminals, vending machines, ATMs, E-911, and voice lines—so you can safely digitally transform POTS landline functionality to cloud voice and data services.

  • Always-Up Connection

    MetTel is a managed facilities voice network (MFVN) operator and provides the best POTS line replacement options. The POTS in a Box adapter connects to the internet via broadband, Wi-Fi and/or 4G LTE SIM. Wireless backup provides business continuity during primary network outages. Dual SIMs provide added fail-over protection, perfect for 911 call completion assurance.

  • Ongoing Management

    From deployment to final POTS replacement, MetTel oversees the entirety of your POTS Transformation process, including professional installation, 24/7/365 NOC monitoring and support, over-the-air firmware updates, and break/fix support with emergency replacement.

  • Best Coverage

    With our network equipment strategically placed throughout the country, MetTel provides access to all three major cellular providers with prequalification of LTE/5G coverage in your area. Cellular can be the primary connectivity if Wi-Fi or broadband are not available, or act as a backup in the event of primary circuit failure.

  • Turn-Key Deployment

    MetTel makes deployment and ongoing management easy. MetTel’s POTS Transformation includes nationwide, professional installation and managed equipment to transition all POTS lines, POTS devices, and POTS communication to digital service.

  • Cost Savings

    As carriers are retiring their existing POTS lines/analog voice infrastructure and support, costs are increasing year-over-year. Save money with POTS line replacement and stabilize fees by taking advantage of a fixed cost and an all-inclusive package.

  • Flexibility

    Using our cloud-based platform, MetTel’s POTS Transformation provides flexible and seamless digital transformation that can be customized to fit any business need. We seamlessly migrate businesses from their current POTS network infrastructure to cloud voice and data services—reducing costs and complexity.

  • Reliability

    Our POTS technology solutions are powered by low latency, high-speed networks that guarantee voice quality and reliability. With the latest certifications, MetTel’s POTS communication solutions work with even the trickiest of scenarios: alarms, fax, and more.

  • Scalability

    Our POTS Transformation solutions scale with the growth of your business. Our services are elastic, which allows businesses to add or remove features in response to changing conditions. By scaling up and down as needed, businesses can ensure that their communications requirements are always met.

POTS Replacement Case Study: Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage replaced its copper voice infrastructure with POTS Transformation to modernize and digitally transform its network across more than 2,000 locations.

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“MetTel’s commitment, expertise and level of service are exceptional.”

John Wessman
Senior Director of IT

POTS Replacement Benefits

POTS technology is 100-year-old infrastructure that is outdated. MetTel’s POTS Transformation supports specialty line replacement for a variety of analog modem communications. From ATM to refrigeration and farming applications and equipment. With HVAC and tower lighting control to access and call boxes, use cases are plentiful and the need to have reliable telephone service, crucial. With MetTel’s managed POTS replacement you receive improved security, faster speed of service, and a better customer experience. Additionally, it can save you money in the long run by reducing downtime. Key benefits include:

Multi-WAN Access

  • Connect to landline, wireless, and Wi-Fi
  • Dual SIM capable and multi-carrier access
  • Ensures business continuity, even during network outages
  • Prequalifies LTE coverage in your area

Turn-Key Solution

  • Largest inventory of managed equipment
  • Nationwide professional installation and experienced porting team
  • Project managed by certified PMPs
  • Acceptance testing at every site
  • OpEx pricing model

Fully Managed Service

  • 24/7/365 NOC and AI-powered monitoring and alerts
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Break/fix with emergency replacement
  • Provides improved SLAs compared to TDM SLAs
smiling man holding laptop

MetTel Fully Managed Service

MetTel Fully Managed Service is a comprehensive telecommunications service for businesses.

  • It includes 24/7/365 NOC and AI-powered monitoring and alerts to ensure constant system availability.
  • Remote firmware updates reduce downtime and improve efficiency.
  • Break/fix with emergency replacement minimizes disruption to the business in the event of an issue.
  • Improved SLAs compared to traditional TDM SLAs, ensuring higher service quality and reliability.
  • Multi-WAN access, prequalification of LTE coverage, and acceptance testing at every site.

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POTS Replacement: Use Cases

POTS Transformation provides a wide range of uses and features to meet the needs of your business. Whether it’s replacing security systems using an analog phone line or providing point-of-sale connections, POTS Transformation has you covered. See how you can use the service for:

  • Digital Voice & Fax

    POTS Transformation provides secure fax and voice services over an IP network. It's designed to handle high-volume traffic levels, so you can easily integrate it with your existing phone systems. Supported options handle all fax communications for both the legal and medical industries as well as, enterprise fax servers.

  • Fire/Burglar Alarms

    MetTel’s POTS Transformation service has a number of compatible options to support outbound and inbound protocols, alarm monitoring companies and various panel types and panel programming.

  • POS Terminals

    POTS Transformation enables multiple point-of-sale (POS) systems with a single connection. This makes it easier to monitor transactions in real time, allowing you to make faster decisions that can improve your bottom line.

  • ATM Machines

    POTS Transformation service allows you to easily connect ATM machines, ensuring customers have access to cash with minimal downtime. Our secure connections also minimize the risk of fraud and theft, giving your business peace of mind.

  • Elevator Lines

    Elevators often require complicated connections and wiring, but POTS Transformation provides a dial tone, always, ensuring compliance while minimizing the risk of accidents or malfunctions due to faulty wiring.

  • Vending Machines

    Vending machines can be difficult to maintain, as each one requires a unique setup. However, with the POTS Transformation service, you can configure their operating systems and make sure they are always running correctly. This ensures that your customers will have a smooth experience when using vending machines.

badge of city of new york fire department

Recognized as an approved MFVN by the NYC Fire Department

Under NFPA 72 fire alarm systems must be connected to the PSTN or a Managed Facilities-based Voice Network (MFVN). An NFPA 72 compliant MFVN requires a loop start telephone circuit, proactive support by the provider, and 8 hours of standby power. POTS Transformation supplies all of these features and more, providing an NFPA 72 compliant-ready solution for your copper replacement.

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Case Study

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You may be eligible for a free trial of POTS Transformation!

Businesses with over 250 locations may be eligible for a free trial of MetTel’s POTS Transformation. Fill out the form to let us know more about your business and we’ll be in touch to discuss trial options!

Why MetTel?

MetTel’s POTS Transformation is an industry-leading phone line replacement solution that upgrades your communication infrastructure quickly and provides ongoing support so that you can focus your attention back on your business. Our team becomes your team as we work on helping you to connect your devices in record time. Invest in replacing your POTS to avoid the rapidly rising costs of telecommunications systems and the extensive maintenance duties they require. Improve your business agility with MetTel POTS replacement.

Work and communicate smarter by contacting our sales team for a free, no-obligation consultation and learn how replacing your POTS can elevate your company.