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POTS Transformation

pots replacement

POTS Replacement

Digitally transform all your analog lines.

As carriers are retiring copper/POTS (plain old telephone service) voice infrastructure and support, costs are increasing year-over-year. It’s clear that companies must find a path towards digital transformation and make a plan for POTS replacement. Moving voice and data services that traditionally require analog dial tones, such as POTS phone lines, alarms, elevators, fax, etc., is an especially daunting task. Now there’s an alternative. MetTel’s POTS Transformation provides a cost-effective and seamless transition from POTS lines to digital voice service.

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  • Versatility

    MetTel’s POTS Transformation supports voice and data services that traditionally require analog dial tones such as fax, alarms, elevators, POS terminals, vending machines, ATMs, E-911, and voice lines—so you can safely digitally transform all POTS lines to cloud voice and data services.

  • Always-Up Connectivity

    The POTS in a Box adapter connects to the internet via broadband, Wi-Fi and/or 4G LTE SIM. Wireless backup provides business continuity, even during network outages. Dual SIMs provide added fail-over protection, perfect for 911 call completion assurance. MetTel is a managed facilities voice network (MFVN) operator.

  • Ongoing Management

    From deployment to final POTS replacement, MetTel oversees the entirety of your POTS Transformation process, including professional installation, 24/7/365 NOC monitoring and support, over-the-air firmware updates, and break/fix support with emergency replacement.

  • Best Coverage

    MetTel provides access to all three major cellular providers with prequalification of LTE/5G coverage in your area. Cellular can be the primary connectivity if Wi-Fi or broadband are not available, or act as a backup in the event of primary circuit failure.

  • Turn-Key Deployment

    MetTel’s POTS Transformation includes nationwide, professional installation and managed equipment, making deployment and ongoing management easy.

  • Cost Savings

    As carriers are retiring POTS lines/analog voice infrastructure and support, costs are increasing year-over-year. Save money with POTS line replacement and stabilize costs by taking advantage of a fixed cost and an all-inclusive package.

POTS Transformation Fire Code Compliant Solution

Under NFPA 72 fire alarm systems must be connected to the PSTN or an MFVN. An NFPA 72 compliant MFVN requires a loop start telephone circuit, proactive support by the provider, and 8 hours of standby power. POTS Transformation supplies all of these features and more, providing an NFPA 72 compliant-ready solution for your copper replacement.

POTS Transformation Resources


POTS Transformation Datasheet


POTS Transformation Video


Turn Sunsetting POTS into Opportunity

You may be eligible for a free trial of POTS Transformation!

Businesses with over 250 locations may be eligible for a free trial of MetTel’s POTS Transformation. Fill out the form to let us know more about your business and we’ll be in touch to discuss trial options!