Bruin Enterprise Portal

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  • Federal EIS Portal

    Portal for federal employees and agencies with dashboard, invoice and inventory management, reports, help desk, ordering and more.

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  • Bill Pay Portal

    Customer billing portal to access and pay
    your MetTel invoice.

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  • Agent Portal

    Sales information portal for agent

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Future-proof Your

IoT Deployment

Add intelligent devices to your existing infrastructure and track products and assets with the world’s strongest, most reliable signal. MetTel does all the prep work. All you have to do is turn it on and get ready to dig into your data.

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Network Optimization

Where your current carriers fail, MetTel’s private network backbone picks up the slack, making your network more robust and reliable. Our intelligent solutions manage your network with automation and give you centralized control.

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Infrastructure Upgrade

With technology speeding forward, companies often find themselves with legacy equipment that’s aging and outdated. MetTel’s solutions improve your infrastructure and arm you for future innovations.

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Multi-Location Expansion

Even though your company is spread out across the country, MetTel can consolidate your infrastructure and get everyone on the same network. Our templated approach makes expansion simple!

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Digital Transformation

Future-proof your business and set yourself up for the ability to scale and pivot by moving communications off your legacy systems onto MetTel’s proprietary network.

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