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    Portal for federal employees and agencies with dashboard, invoice and inventory management, reports, help desk, ordering and more.

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    Customer billing portal to access and pay
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Multi-Location Expansion

Let’s face it.
You’re all over the place.

Literally. But just because your business is spread out across the country doesn’t mean you can’t have one seamless communications infrastructure. With MetTel, you can give every branch or location the same exceptional coverage under a centralized, easily managed network.
You’re on the same team. MetTel will help you get on the same field.

All together now.

Take control.

Bruin, MetTel’s intelligent communication management platform, allows you to manage all your locations from a single web portal. Set company rules, monitor usage, and pay one invoice from our user-friendly interface. It’s just that simple.

Best in class.

Our partnerships with tier-1 communications providers gives us leverage to provide first-rate service. We use the best carriers and vendors in each location – even rural and remote – to customize your perfect network.

Gain insight.

MetTel’s templated approach to your digital transformation means more reliable data analytics. Wide deployment omits inconsistencies that would otherwise need to be taken into account, giving you actionable insights.


Avoid growing pains.

Expand quickly.

MetTel’s templated approach finds one solution that can be repeated across your many locations, ensuring that everything works together and increasing installation speeds to reduce errors and downtime.

At ease.

Once you’re with MetTel, subsequent expansions are ready to go. Use the Bruin platform to order infrastructure directly with your contracted pricing. Opening new locations never seemed so easy.

It’s handled.

Every location will be working from the same playbook should issues arise. And with MetTel’s 24/7/365 monitoring support, the headache of looking to multiple vendors is eliminated.

Take our solutions for a test drive.


Our cloud-controlled platform provides detailed insight into phone, data and software expenditures across vendors.


MetTel’s innovative application turns mobile devices into mobile working stations, enhancing collaboration.


Rated #1 alternative SD-WAN in the U.S. by Gartner, our intelligent network dynamically
manages network resources and delivers improved performance,
reliability, and security.

See How MetTel Helped FIS

MetTel migrated 15,000 mobile devices from other carriers to one bill, help desk and data pool. MetTel continues to enable and simplify FIS’s progress towards complete digital transformation.

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