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Infrastructure Upgrade

Your legacy isn’t what
it used to be. Transform it.

If there’s one place in business where history shouldn’t be revered, it’s your network and communications infrastructure. Companies find themselves with aging equipment prone to frequent outages, while carriers continue to raise prices on outdated services. Let MetTel upgrade and future-proof your network and communications with advanced digital technologies and services.
It’s time to retire your legacy IT. It’s history.

Immortalize your infrastructure.

Don’t get aged out.

Relying on legacy technology has many drawbacks, namely lower performance, higher risks and higher costs. MetTel will replace your IT with an infrastructure that can adapt to disruption, instead of falling victim to it.

One plan for all.

Using a an industry-proven approach, MetTel gives all your locations the same advantages with centralized troubleshooting and management. Everyone wins.

Continuous coverage.

When your wireline or mobile network is down, your business is down. With reliable service provided by centrally monitored and managed equipment, MetTel keeps you up and running. Get our wireless 4G Backup plan for an extra layer of protection.


Built in resilience.

Room to grow.

Limits in older technology can keep you from growing your business. We make sure you’ve got a scalable infrastructure with enough bandwidth, application and data support to handle everything coming your way.

Calm the chaos.

Overlapping costs, runaway, incompatible IT, and scattered customer service are all part of dealing with multiple vendors. MetTel gives you one vendor to deal with, resulting in clean, easy managed service, all supervised via our user-friendly Bruin platform.

Avoid parts unknown.

Legacy data and phone lines provide declining service, yet their prices are continually being raised by carriers. Out of production equipment becomes expensive to repair when parts are not easily available. MetTel erases all of this built on the back of our proprietary network.

Take our solutions for a test drive.


Rated #1 alternative SD-WAN in the U.S. by Gartner, our intelligent network dynamically manages network resources and delivers improved performance and reliability.


Let MetTel move your voice communication off outdated and expensive landlines and onto VoIP technology for a feature-rich, more cost-efficient service.

Cloud PBX

Move your legacy phone system to the cloud and integrate with your smart phone/tablet without any without any upfront costs.


There’s no longer a need to budget for excessive capital expenditure on new equipment. Through our financing, MetTel will integrate your upgrades into manageable operating expenses.

4G Wireless Backup

Along with a backup battery, you’ll never go dark with wireless auxiliary service for all your plugged-in equipment.

Line Replacement Service

Eradicate obsolete costs. Eliminate expensive analog lines in favor of digital for everything from fax to alarms and elevators with little to no downtime.

Start a smart plan for your business here.

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