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Integrated SMS


You need to work on your communication.

We’re sorry to tell you this, but it’s not just the kids that are doing all the texting, your customers would rather not spend time on the phone, either. But MetTel’s Integrated SMS is the solution. Whether you want to send text messages for appointment reminders, build a sophisticated customer service app, or integrate the latest artificial intelligence chatbots into your call center, MetTel gives you all the tools you need, in one place, from a single provider.

  • Convert Your Call Center

    Let your customers choose how they want to communicate. With texting and voice options, customers can save time and navigate their own best experience.

  • BYO Mobile Device

    Add a business number to your employee’s mobile device, ensuring that even out of the office, they communicate with business contacts on your network. Add customized branding for the full effect.

  • From Talk to Text

    Texting costs less than phone calls, but over 70% of U.S. business numbers aren’t textable. MetTel lets you quickly activate texting across all your phone numbers without changing your infrastructure or affecting your voice service.

  • Set up a Messageboard

    MetTel’s got your business texting inbox. Configure auto responses for FAQ’s, respond to inquiries from a central contact center, and review text logs across all locations.

  • Stick to the Schedule

    AI Scheduler is our new AI scheduler. It uses natural language to work with your customers to remind and reschedule when necessary, eliminating no shows.

  • The Chatbots are Coming

    Smart chatbots are able to become full AI personal assistants. They can learn from experience and interact with individuals productively and seamlessly.

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Use text messaging in a new way.

When we say communicate smarter, we mean it. Reach out, schedule a consultation with a sales rep, and start reaching people in new, smarter ways.