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  • Federal EIS Portal

    Portal for federal employees and agencies with dashboard, invoice and inventory management, reports, help desk, ordering and more.

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  • Bill Pay Portal

    Customer billing portal to access and pay
    your MetTel invoice.

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  • Agent Portal

    Sales information portal for agent

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Simplify how you scale your business.

Bruin is a cloud-based platform designed and built to help you transition your telecom, data and wireless services when your business needs change. Whether you have underperforming expense management software, or no expense management software at all, Bruin offers the easiest data migration process in the business.

We do it for you.

It’s time to consolidate and control your telecommunications spend.


  • Get Real Savings

    Bruin’s army of bots identifies odd charges that lurk deep within your invoices and uncovers and eliminates redundancies that create excess or waste. Bruin users enjoy an average savings of 20% a year.

  • Got a Ticket

    Bruin’s simple platform simplifies daily activities by allowing you to create trackable and shareable tickets. Each ticket includes extensive notes to explain real-time status.

  • At Your Fingertips

    Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product provides useful and easy-to-read interfaces like the Genie Board, which shows charts and critical data and True Inventory, which drills down to the device or line regardless of the vendor.

  • Give Us a Hand

    We offer White Glove support to elevate all help desks requests to “amazing” levels. Our advanced support team coordinates every issue.

  • Peek Inside

    Get full visibility on every smartphone, landline, and software license. Turn inventory and bandwidth up or down with a click of a button while seeing exactly where all devices and services reside within the organization.

See how MetTel helped a civilian agency.

MetTel deployed a digital solution for this cabinet-level agency with automated and uniform processes for telecom asset and invoice management. With its 100,000 employees and 14,000 locations, the agency now has a single pane view into its complete telecom system including billing, inventory, usage, and repairs.

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Simplify how you scale your business here.

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