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Fleet and Workforce Management


On the road,
but at your desk.

Our easy-to-use mobile apps and web-based software allow you to see the forest for the trees, by enabling you to manage your entire fleet or mobile workforce while ensuring visibility, safety, compliance and more. Eliminate messy paperwork and give your mobile workers powerful tools to do their jobs better, while giving you insights into your business.

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  • Save the Trees

    In industries that require so much documentation, having all paperwork digitized changes the game. Our mobile worker apps make the necessary tracking simple and user-friendly, saving everyone’s time and eliminating tedious paperwork by automating the process of filling out forms and workflows in the field.

  • Deal with Bureaucracy

    In a highly regulated business, you’ll eliminate costly fines by managing your fleet and mobile workers through increased visibility and compliance.

  • Features that Save

    Create a digital bond between dispatcher and driver. Get in-cab commercial navigation for vehicles with road restrictions. Consolidate your fuel data into one system and get quicker insight with intelligent reporting and dashboards.

  • Connect with the Best

    Our best-of-breed fleet and mobile workforce solutions enable complete visibility and real-time location intelligence and activity of every worker, vehicle and equipment resource you have in the field today.

  • Optimize your Route

    Use your data to build the most efficient, cost-effective routes for your drivers, saving you time and money.

  • Maintain your Vehicles

    Keep automated maintenance logs with reminders set for necessary upkeep, ensuring your vehicles are in peak condition and preventing costly maintenance before problems happen.

  • Tools of the Trade

    Our innovative technology tracks vehicle and equipment activity, operator identification tools, auto-diagnostics, and more.

  • Workplace Safety

    Connect your mobile workforce and drivers with the most innovative tools in the marketplace today with live video using Artificial Intelligence and onsite connected workforce safety solutions.

MetTel’s Fleet Management Software at Work

Getting the most out of your field employees and vehicles is a struggle when you are relying on outdated spreadsheets, legacy processes and equipment. MetTel’s comprehensive fleet management software helps companies to achieve top priorities when it comes to compliance, worker, driver and vehicle safety, and improved efficiencies. Intuitive features within MetTel’s fleet management system let you target various areas of operations for improvement and business optimization.

Real-Time Data from Every Vehicle

Stop relying on your drivers to update you on their status and location. Get real-time data delivered through an intelligent telematics and GPS solution. Our fleet manager system uses real-time data to inform your drivers of the best possible route. Avoid vehicles getting stuck in rush-hour traffic or emergency construction zones. Unnecessary stops reduce your performance and frustrate drivers and clients alike. Stay up to date on all fleet activities, vehicle mileage, fuel, and operations for accident protection measures. Capture data to help reduce costs, streamline operations, and maximize productivity. 


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Automate Maintenance Logs for Ongoing Compliance

Get rid of the manual processes of logging miles, routes, and repairs with automated logs. MetTel fleet management solutions provide documented proof of damages, repairs, driving time, hours of service and more.

Protect Your Workforce with Hands-Free Communication

The disruption and cost of a significant accident can damage your brand’s reputation and ability to operate seamlessly. MetTel fleet management software eliminates the need for cellphone use with hands-free functionality and automated data collection to reduce driver distraction. Drivers also have an SOS button in their vehicles to alert dispatchers of any emergencies while on the job.

Build Transparency Across Your Organization

Preparing individual reports is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Ensure all stakeholders, including managers, leaders, vendors, and investors, are up to date. MetTel empowers you to schedule, create, and distribute reports on different aspects of your operation at the click of a button. Instant reporting lets you keep everyone in the know while limiting the burden on your day-to-day operations.

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  • See Through the Driver’s Eyes

    Creating a safer workplace, promoting continuous driver improvement, and limiting your liability are top priorities for busy fleets. Promote a culture of safety and productivity by monitoring drivers on the go. In-vehicle cameras support development and compliance programs by allowing a direct link to everything going on inside the driver’s cab.

  • Track Fuel Card Usage

    Fuel cards are also susceptible to misuse and monitoring transaction data is time-consuming. Fuel card system integration allows you to track costs, identify inefficient team members, and work to reduce fraud and abuse of the fuel card system.

  • Streamline Data for Easy Compliance

    Spend less time filling out IFTA reports and completing internal audits. MetTel fleet tracker software consolidates data from every vehicle, route, and driver to enhance your transparency. Streamline the reporting and compliance processes to learn more about your company and redirect your resources toward profitable activities.

  • Digitize Your Dispatch Duties

    Efficient dispatching to organize and direct drivers is crucial for maintaining a high degree of structure across your entire operation. Telematics provides dispatchers with the data required to make the right decisions in the field. Our platform also facilitates top-tier communication through forging digital bonds with drivers and technicians, eliminating the reliance on cell phones.

See how MetTel helped the City of Phoenix.

MetTel accelerated Phoenix’s digital transformation with a new approach to fleet management.

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A safer and smarter managed fleet starts here.

When we say connect your fleet smarter, we mean it. Reach out, schedule a consultation, and make a smart connection today.

Fleet Management and Mobile Workforce: FAQs

Fleet management programs and services can only go so far. Fleets everywhere are undergoing digital transformations to leverage state-of-the-art technology. Here’s everything you need to know about the power of fleet management solutions.

What does MetTel’s Fleet Management system do?

Software for fleet management is designed to transform organizations into data-driven operations. These platforms collect data on every aspect of your brand, including vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior, geolocation, and more.

Managers simultaneously reduce their workloads while learning more about their operations and, crucially, how each driver performs. Managing a mobile workforce and driving a culture of safety, productivity, and standards has never been more straightforward with the best fleet management software by your side.

What are MetTel’s Fleet Management and Mobile Workforce differentiators?

MetTel consolidates an organization’s many vendors, platforms and points of contact and handles equipment, cross-platform wireless data plans, software a mobile applications, device management, procurement and financing, kitting and deployment along with project management and support.

Additionally, the MetTel Portal powered by Bruin, is an intelligent platform that provides MetTel customers with a single pane of glass to oversee and control their entire environment: with ordering, provisioning, ticketing, asset management, and more.

What are the benefits of Fleet Management and Mobile Workforce software?

Contemporary management solutions are designed to push your business forward on all fronts. Some benefits of investing in fleet maintenance programs include:

  • Remote Fleet Management – Remote fleet management provides real-time insights on employees, vehicles and equipment without relying on anecdotes or personnel. 
  • Increase Vehicle Lifespan – Proactive diagnostics from every vehicle in your fleet allow you to anticipate problems and monitor driving habits. Your data provides insights into the actions you can take to get more from your vehicles.
  • Increase worker efficiency – Easy inventory scanning, mobile applications, dynamic dispatching, and integrations into existing company software along with dynamic mobile forms allows for easy, on-the-go work to get done.
  • Improve Safety – Follow your drivers wherever they are. In-cab cameras and GPS tracking tell you everything you need to know about what your drivers are doing and highlight unsafe behaviors. Artificial intelligence aids in driver work reporting and accident prevention. 
  • Reduce Costs – Lift the burden off your managers by using data to identify inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. Managing fuel card usage, asset tracking, performance and maintenance issues can serve as a benchmark for cost-cutting measures. Video in combination with AI for driver safety helps reduce insurance claims and cost.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is the core of any successful fleet. Improve your standards to provide a higher level of service for your core clients. More satisfaction means more repeat business and profitable jobs.

Dedicated industry software wields real-time data to provide an unparalleled 360-degree view into your business, enabling you to drill down further than ever before.

How does IoT technology support fleet management?

Software and devices only work when they are connected to each other and are able to deliver collected information, in a timely fashion. IoT is simply connected devices. In fleet management, IoT enhances management processes and solutions with devices, sensors, gateways and platforms. Collecting and storing data in one place allows fleet managers to make more intelligent decisions and create a greater impact to the business.

How does MetTel improve driver safety?

MetTel solutions utilize telematics to provide remarkable levels of insight into how their drivers operate their vehicles. Telematics tracks driver behavior like eyelids closing, distraction, smoking, and cell phone use. Additionally, it monitors driving patterns to flag potential unsafe behaviors, such as excessive speeding, tailgating, unsafe lane departure, and harsh cornering. Fleet managers can subsequently use this data to take appropriate actions with telematics data as evidence to alert drivers and provide tailored improvement plans.

What should fleet managers consider when incorporating telematics into written safety policies?

Gathering data opens up a whole range of responsibilities for fleet managers. There’s nothing wrong with collecting data, but drivers must be aware of how and when data will be used regarding safety, consequences, and improvement. 

Fleet managers must provide transparency and clarity within their written safety policies.

How do I implement fleet management software?

Driving digital transformation requires stakeholder buy-in and an action plan to avoid chaos.

A streamlined implementation process includes:

  • Have a Clear Objective – Set an objective defining what you want to achieve. Follow the SMART goal-setting principle so there is a clear line between success and failure.
  • Implement Policies – Introducing new digital tools will require changes to safety, data privacy, and driver performance policies. It should be communicated to everyone within the company to increase transparency and buy-in at every level.
  • Create a Timeline – Work with your team to develop a timeline complete with milestones to define what needs to happen, who is responsible for each step, and when that step must be completed.
  • Train Your Staff – Collaborate with MetTel to train your staff in using the software and work out any kinks in the process. Designating several figures to act as power users produces champions across your company and creates an internal program for onboarding future employees.
  • Review the Implementation – Ensure you set aside time to bring team leaders together to discuss your software implementation and how it works. Multiple review processes provide ample opportunity to discuss, manage, and tweak how you’re using your software.

The MetTel team works closely with our clients to provide ongoing support during the adoption process.

What makes a good fleet management product?

For those managing a fleet, daily tasks include oversight into several elements: compliance and safety, vehicle maintenance, cost savings and optimization, location/routing, and employee management. The best solutions focus on priorities set at the onset of the project and technology purchase. Too often, vendors concentrate on the hardware-based approach to problem-solving. With a solutions-focused approach, you access a system that’s better geared toward meeting the end user’s needs.

Why is compliance so crucial in fleet management?

Compliance isn’t just a box-checking exercise or something you only have to worry about if involved in an accident. The transportation and logistics industries have been heavily regulated over the last 20 years, putting even greater obligations on drivers and fleet managers.

One of the most significant benefits of digital solutions for fleet compliance is automation, providing detailed paper trails and easily accessible reports to comply with electronic device logging. 

For fleet operators, achieving and maintaining compliance lowers the costs of every accident, reduces insurance expenses, lowers the chances of requiring replacement vehicles, and mitigates disruption to operations.

Why MetTel?

More than just fleet management software, MetTel creates a managed fleet and mobile workforce program. Connecting the mobile workforce, vehicles, equipment and assets through IoT and Artificial Intelligence to ensure industry compliance, and worker and community safety is the heart of what we do. No fleet management service should rely on outdated, manual processes. Eliminate human error and oversight from the equation with MetTel fleet management software.

Our automated solutions form the backbone of fleets everywhere by addressing compliance issues, data gathering, and driver performance. With potent data at their fingertips, managers have the power to initiate impactful corrective actions to help their fleet reach its potential.

Tired of trying to keep up with an ever-expanding fleet? Losing money because of accidents, emergencies, and on-the-road inefficiencies? If you believe your fleet is not performing how it should, you need to automate it. Integrating new technology into your business is the fastest way to a more profitable organization.

Reach out to our sales team for a free, no-obligation consultation and discover the power of IoT within fleet tracking now.