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EIS Customer Support Office

The EIS customer support office (877-246-2347 or 877-2Go-2EIS) is staffed to support all service and technical issues and can assist with questions about the below areas.

Executive Leadership

Andoni Economou, COO/EVP
(212) 607-2004

Robert Dapkiewicz, SVP/GM, Federal Government Programs
(202) 888-2432

Program Management

Patrick Amos, Executive Director, Federal Programs, EIS Program Director
(212) 359-0968

Jasper Saunders, Director, Federal Programs, Deputy EIS Program Director
(212) 359-0955

Kandi Hart, Contracts Manager
(202) 389-2572

Mary Battaglia, Personnel Security
(703) 629-3626

Sales / Sales Engineering

Wray Varley, VP, Federal Sales
(202) 888-2452

Zac Grant, VP, Enterprise Solutions
(212) 359-5317

Matt Grills, Senior Solutions Architect – Federal
(202) 888-2429

Rob Conway, Senior Solutions Architect – Federal
(202) 322-1368


Curtis Levinson, ISSO, CISO
(301) 217-9705

Ken Rudnick, Executive Director of Corporate IT
(212) 359-6368

Chimmy Ekwue, Cyber Security Analyst, Corporate IT
(202) 888-2437

Elizabeth Byrd, IT Compliance Manager, Corporate IT
(202) 888-2449


Joe Farano, General Counsel
(212) 359-5037

Mariya Gelfond, Corporate Counsel
(212) 359-6377


Archibald Powers, Director, Executive Initiatives
(212) 359-6369

Michelle Shader, Senior Transition Project Manager
(202) 888-2428


James Wood, Executive Director, Provisioning
(212) 607-2167

Service Management

Mark Marshall, Executive Director, Customer Care
(212) 359-5113

Will Stephenson, Director, Federal Customer Care
(240) 560 2993


Michael Thacker, Director, Billing
(212) 607-2042

Eric Shumaker, Analyst, Billing
(732) 837-9512

Network Operations

Ed Fox, SVP/CTO, Network Services
(212) 607-2014

Rahul Gundani, Executive Director, Network Services
(212) 607-2014

Portal Development Team

James Salame, Executive Director, Development and Technology Strategy
(212) 607-2155

Gianluca Burroni, Project Lead – BSS Development and Testing
(212) 359-0966

Joyce Saad, Director, Training – EIS Portal
(212) 359-0936

Phillip Garcia, Lead Trainer – EIS Portal
(212) 607-6343

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