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Kirk Rawls, IT Infrastructure Manager for TireHub, discusses how MetTel has helped TireHub bring more visibility into the logistics, warehousing, and delivery of tires for their top shareholders which include Bridgestone, Goodyear and hundreds of car dealerships across the United States. One of the main challenges faced by TireHub is the lack of network connectivity throughout the duration of their delivery routes when traveling through rural areas. TireHub has partnered with MetTel to operate MetTel’s IoT Single SIM solution to maintain IoT connectivity throughout TireHub’s delivery process—which also has resulted in the consolidation of TireHub’s mobile service to one provider, one bill and one data plan. Kirk also discusses how TireHub procures Apple iPads through MetTel to outfit TireHub drivers while on a delivery route. These iPads are connected to TireHub’s ERP system to create a delivery route that is optimized for efficient fuel economy and lower time consumption.