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State & Local

Optimizing your communications infrastructure is the real key to the city.

Fortify your IT communications infrastructure for the future with MetTel’s unrivalled solutions today. Bring increased security, efficiency and productivity into your mobile workforce, all while providing your citizens with an improved and superior experience.

  • Build a Smart City.

    With solutions like Fleet Management and Single SIM, MetTel will connect your city to the Internet of Things (IoT) and take all your operations to the next level. Gain insights through valuable data analytics that will bring vast improvement to efficiency and productivity and get visibility into your inventory and assets.

  • Future proof your administration.

    Government mandates on developing technology can seem burdensome, but MetTel’s scalable solutions set you up for subsequent expansions and improvements with little to no downtime and reduced costs. All of our innovative voice and data services are built with the future in mind.

  • Make the complicated simple.

    Oversee and maintain all your devices, software licenses, etc. through MetTel’s Federal Portal. Orders, inventory, usage, repairs and so much more are monitored and controlled from a simple user-friendly web interface, providing visibility of performance to end user devices.

  • Get unparalleled reliability.

    MetTel’s integrated, centrally managed network is monitored 24/7/365 by certified engineers, eliminating downtime and giving your citizens dependable service.

  • Protect your citizens’ information.

    Security is of the utmost importance in government and our solutions provide the best in protection. Hosted, managed network security provided by our trusted partners Raytheon and ForcePoint is layered over MetTel’s provided wide area network (WAN).

  • Best of the best network.

    Get the higher bandwidth necessary to support business-critical applications with our reliable and redundant network. With MetTel, you get a facilities-based carrier with network-to-network interfaces to over 60 carriers and e-bonding capabilities to 22 carriers.

MetTel Solutions


Discover MetTel’s highly redundant, IP-based voice platforms that reduce hardware costs and operational expenses or improve your current analog, copper, or POTS voice system with MetTel’s traditional voice solutions for many of the same benefits.

Wide Data Network

MetTel’s mission-critical communications technology connects agencies with high-speed advanced data, network and IP-based solutions including broadband and SD-WAN. Our Cloud Connect offering protects your data by routing network traffic through a private connection to your cloud provider.

MetTel Federal Portal

The MetTel Federal Portal is a centralized management platform designed for your IT communications assets. Manage and maintain all your devices, invoices, usage, and more from one user-friendly web dashboard. The portal uses data analytics to flag delinquencies, unusual spending and provides preemptive alerts and insights to optimize your telecommunication usage.

Professional Services & Consulting

Lean on our certified engineers to assess and strengthen your current network and infrastructure while increasing automation to reduce workload.


MetTel has partnered with trusted security provider Raytheon to implement proven government cybersecurity solutions. MetTel is the only small business offering GSA EIS MTIPS service.


MetTel combines the top three U.S. wireless carriers to offer a complete set of managed nationwide mobile solutions with smartphone access, mobile device management (MDM) and Fleet Management.

Internet of Things

With MetTel’s IoT solutions like Fleet Management, you can gain visibility and insight into your assets and mobile workforce, making your city run smarter. The possibilities are endless, from improving emergency response times and safety to gaining efficiency in energy and water grids to managing resources for waste removal services and improving overall traffic flow.

Unified Communications

MetTel’s TrueUC platform provides a consistent and reliable experience for your entire mobile workforce. Collaboration is made simple by giving your employees access to all the industry-leading, cloud-based apps from any mobile device and using innovative features that anticipate employee needs.


IT Schedule 70

The GSA IT Schedule 70 offers an easy and convenient way to procure IT products and services.


Regional contracts support selected regional areas and provide a flexible contract vehicle with quality local service offerings.


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MetTel Federal Telehealth: Delivering of the Promise of True Connected Health

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SD-WAN for Federal: Transform Your Agency White Paper

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Federal Climate Change Management Plan Report

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