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GSA Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Contract

We got the contract.
Now put us to work.

Thanks to our long history to better serve constituents and modernize legacy infrastructure, MetTel Federal (Manhattan Telecommunications) understands the unique communications needs of the federal government. Now your agency can get award-winning customer service, reliable products, business intelligence and the visibility your network demands. MetTel is a proud awardee of the GSA Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS), 15-year IT telecommunications and infrastructure contract.


Your Transformation. Our Network.

When you select MetTel Federal for your digital transformation, we give you a one-of-a-kind adaptive, resilient network to serve as your rock-solid foundation. By using industry-standard Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNI), we have the widest geographic reach through partnerships with Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC), Tier 1 ISPs and major interexchange carriers (IXCs), as well as most regional or local providers. This geographic reach is unique in the industry.

MetTel Federal Portal

In addition to our expansive portfolio of products and service offerings, we provide our customers with a powerful business support system, the MetTel Federal Portal that enables customers to manage orders, inventory, usage, billing, service, repairs, and much more from one simple, user-friendly web interface. TMCnet, a leading industry publication produced by Technology Marketing Corporation, named MetTel’s Bruin Portal “2016 Internet Telephony Product of the Year” award winner. This annual Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award recognizes and honors companies that have developed products and services that have materially impacted the delivery of IP-based communication services. The Portal also distinguishes itself from others with its data analytic capabilities, allowing Agencies to gain transparency into their telecom inventory, utilization, and spend.

The MetTel Federal Portal is designed to support Government Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs), customized asset coding, hierarchy structures, and workflows. In addition, the MetTel Federal Portal provides multi-site visibility and control with a map-based dashboard, configuration sync, remote diagnostics, and automatic monitoring and alerts.

Transition Expertise

We have helped thousands of customers transition from outdated IT to emerging technologies by providing outstanding customer care and offering an automated transition by using eBonding. This greatly reduces the amount of manual intervention that is usually required to determine the up-to-the-second status of an issue being worked on by an outside vendor. This automation sometimes allows transition to be as simple as a paper billing change. We can convert thousands of lines in just one day and agencies can monitor their conversion progress using the MetTel Federal Portal.


Our Transition Approach

Our relationships with other underlying carriers are like no other in the industry. Our Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) agreements with each IXC, ISP, ILEC and many of the major CLECs allow a level of ease in service delivery that is unique to MetTel. We are able to deliver service seamlessly across multiple carrier networks, regardless of which carrier is providing the last mile of our end-to-end solution. The more complex the solution, the more planning and coordination is required. We are in a unique position to deliver services globally with minimal impact to customers. Our service delivery/provisioning processes increases efficiency and provided ease of transition with service types such as EIS services (CSVS, IPVS, AA, VPNS) and Managed Security Service in the following ways:

  • MetTel can take in your information in any form: electronically, paper, fax, email and PDF.
  • Our electronic transfer with underlying carrier’s systems makes order processing fast, accurate and unconstrained.
  • Billing is changed electronically and seamlessly with the outgoing carrier to MetTel.
  • We use ordering templates electronically embedded in our systems, the fastest and most accurate way possible.
  • Our process/capability eliminates manual order errors—no swivel-chairing, no human limitation.
  • MetTel is able to transition thousands of lines per day.
  • Our automated process allows us to convert lines—no phone numbers or connections are lost.

Our Approach to Voice and Data Transition

By leveraging our fully integrated network of underlying carrier interconnection agreements, we are able to provide you an easy and efficient transition to more advanced service types (e.g., data networks). For example, because we have NNIs with many IXCs and ISPs, we have the ability to combine multiple networks, not just ours and one other carrier’s network. By connecting one IXC-provided network to another, we eliminate the wasted time, effort and confusion of working with multiple carriers: our customers work with only one provider—MetTel. Additionally, these NNIs are vital in transition because we already interface with the other carriers in a unique way. Other carriers typically provide a private line connection from their network to the incumbent’s network until all transition is finished, but we are not bound by this “normal” protocol. Our transition process with multiple network connections, which is completely transparent when monitored through our Federal Portal, is more efficient, easier and much more effective.

Monitor and Manage Your Transition through the
MetTel Federal Portal

MetTel Federal Portal is a proprietary communications management platform, delivered as hosted software that provides agencies with a single, user-friendly interface for all communications management needs. The platform delivers 100% transparency into your inventory, usage and spend and offers a robust solution for bill optimization.

  • Real Time Data
  • Invoice Management
  • Help Desk
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile Manager
  • Easy User Interface
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Account Settings
  • Service Ordering

Customer Service

MetTel was awarded the coveted Stevie Award for customer service for five consecutive years, from 2015 through 2019, because we care differently. We employ a philosophy of proactively seeking out and fixing emerging issues before they become real problems, because we have the data from our own network and from the ILEC or CLEC network as well. When there is an issue, your MetTel service rep will be on it no matter how or with whom the issue originated — at an ILEC, CLEC, an ISP, an IXC or your local carrier. We work directly on the issue and resolve it so you don’t have a problem. And you can track all activity in real-time via the MetTel Federal Portal.
You can always reach us at 877-2Go-2EIS (877-246-2347).

MetTel Solutions

Mandatory Services Awarded

  • Access Arrangements (AA)
  • Ethernet Transport Service (ETS)
  • Managed Network Service (MNS)
  • Virtual Private Network Service (VPNS)
  • Internet Protocol Voice Service (IPVS)

Catalog Services Awarded

  • Wireless Service (MWS)
  • Service Related Equipment (SRE)

Optional Services Awarded

  • Cable and Wiring (CW)
  • Collocated Hosting Service (CHS)
  • Managed Network Service (MNS)
  • DHS Intrusion Prevention Security Service (IPSS)
  • Internet Protocol Service (IPS)
  • Service Related Labor (SRL)
  • Managed Mobility Service (MMS)
  • Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service (MTIPS)
  • Circuit Switched Voice Service (CSVS)
  • Unified Communications Service (UCS)
  • Wireless – International Mobile Roaming (MWSIMR)
  • Wireless – Machine to Machine (MWSMM)
  • Audio Conferencing Service (ACS)
  • Toll Free Service (TFS)
  • Circuit Switched Data Service (CSDS)
  • Private Line Service (PLS)

Contract Details

Contract Number: GS00Q17NSD3007
Contract Award Date: July 31, 2017

  • Redacted Contract


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