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MetTel’s Sensor-as-a-Service platform easily adapts to the array of use cases emerging with water distribution throughout city and state governments. Recent evidence shows that pressure extremes and variability caused by system operation and fluctuations in end-user demand are major contributing factors in many pipe failures, as well as background leakage. Pressure control in water distribution systems remains a significant concern for water utilities. Despite the general agreement that pressure variability should generally be minimized, the investigation of the impact of unsteady hydraulics on pipe failures has been inhibited by technological and technical constraints. Limited by the cost barriers of existing monitoring solutions, water departments struggle to increase the visibility of system operations.

Mobile IoT through MetTel provides low-power/low-cost advantages to introduce quantities of pressure sensors that provide updates as they happen. Water pressure monitoring with MetTel provides data capture and anomaly reports, as they happen. Installation and API integration into internal systems keeps the system adaptable and easy to use.