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Enterprise Clients Prefer IoT Providers with “Off the Shelf” Solutions

iot solutions for enterprises

Among the many factors that are driving more and more organizations to adopt IoT solutions for enterprises, “ease of deployment” might be the most important. Companies and businesses are looking for an easier route to IoT deployment that won’t bog them down with customized requirements and other professional service engagements that will slow them on the path to adoption.

In short, according to a brand new survey of over 800 IoT decision-makers, users are looking for a faster time to value, and more experienced Internet of Things providers are able to respond to these demands more efficiently. Oracle’s Internet of Things (IoT) adoption survey suggests that IoT platform vendors (of which MetTel has been among the most trusted for over a decade now) have established themselves as the go-to organizations for IoT solution deployment.

Let’s quickly review some of the noteworthy findings of the survey:

  • “Off the shelf” enterprise IoT solutions accelerate deployment – As opposed to more customized solutions that take time and resources to develop, the survey data suggests that the increasing use of standardized solutions is accelerating go-live times.
  • Buyers are seeking complete IoT solutions – Three-quarters (75%) of respondents preferred for connectivity to be bundled in by their IoT providers, and 25% are happy for it to not even be a visible component to them.
  • A strong preference for “standardization” of data formats – Almost all (85%) of respondents have some requirement for compliance with standard data formats. This is especially key for industries like healthcare (71%) and utilities (61%), which reported strict requirements for regulatory compliance.
  • Increased requirements for analytics built into IoT enterprise solutions – Survey respondents said that over 80% of their projects involve bidirectional data flows, rather than simple data gathering from device to application, which means increased requirements for sophisticated analytics built into the IoT solution.

All of this adds up to yet another solid confirmation that the digital transformation of enterprise is rapidly accelerating and will continue to do so—with experienced IoT solution partners like MetTel delivering proven value to organizations that need guidance along the way.

Only IoT solution providers that have already delivered proven solutions for complex enterprise organizations and local, state, and Federal agencies alike can deliver solutions that have already established their effectiveness. The survey further suggested that IoT platform vendors have established themselves as the go-to organizations for IoT deployment, with 56% of respondents indicating they’d turn to one of these vendors as a top-three choice for lead supplier—outpacing systems integrators (42%).

One thing has been made very clear in our post-pandemic world: digital transformation is here to stay, now and for the foreseeable future. The Oracle survey makes abundantly clear that organizations that want to start taking advantage of the powerful connectivity of 5G networks and other established IoT technologies should work with IoT providers that have already deployed successful solutions at the enterprise level, with consistent results.

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