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The First Wave of the 5G Revolution is Here

The First Wave of the 5G Revolution is Here

While we’ve all heard the hype about 5G for many years now, many businesses have yet to experience any benefits. So is 5G just another overhyped technology? The truth is, the promise of 5G is enormous, but all the benefits won’t be immediately realized today.

Partners in the 5G revolution

As the first step toward that vision, we’re excited to announce MetTel’s partnership with AT&T and Verizon to offer 5G services to all MetTel customers. Much more powerful than existing networks, 5G promises 10x faster speeds, almost no latency, and greater bandwidth, enabling the growth of emerging technologies like IoT, AI, VR/AR and the explosion of devices and data. For businesses, 5G will power everything from smart city applications like autonomous cars to AI insights that will drive business productivity and collaboration.

While the current version of 5G provides faster speeds, it still lacks some of the other capabilities, such as low latency promised for the future, which will drive the real industry shifts. As a result, enterprises should consult with a trusted advisor to understand what they need and what 5G can realistically do currently to drive the most effective business outcomes.

Preparing for the 5G revolution

Consider the following guidance when implementing 5G:

  • Audit your network. As 5G is made available, organizations should prepare their network infrastructure to handle changes such as increases in traffic, faster upload/download speeds, etc., before they happen.
  • Ensure your digital transformation strategies align with 5G capabilities. Don’t wait for 5G to develop your digital transformation plans, or you may be at a competitive disadvantage. Transformation goals should be implemented today based on existing 5G capabilities and their pending availability.
  • Don’t overlook security. Just as your customers will gain faster access to your applications, cybercriminals will also be looking to leverage 5G to find new vulnerabilities and ways into your network, so you need to be prepared.

As an independent managed service provider, MetTel is here to help organizations separate the hype from reality and deliver the right 5G strategy and the services that support it.

Get ready for 5G.

Learn more about MetTel’s 5G offerings.


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