50% of devices are left unattended after they have been retired.*

If your organization has already set up an MDM environment then half the battle has been won when it comes to safeguarding your information. But when employees transition out of your company or simply upgrade their devices, sensitive data can be left unattended and at risk. MetTel Mobile collaborates with leading e-Stewards, R2 and ISO 14001 certified e-cycling vendors to guarantee that unused devices undergo relentless military grade wipes, protecting your business’s most vulnerable information.


MetTel Mobile has helped organizations recover hundreds of thousands of dollars from their unused employee devices.*

MetTel Mobile works with leading e-cyling vendors to guarantee the best return for your employee devices. Green credits can be used to cover costs of deployment, network and technology upgrades, remaining early termination fees from previous vendors, current invoices, and charitable donations.


Over 1 billion mobile units are put out of use globally by the end of the year, leaving materials such as plastics, glass, ceramics and precious metals unexploited.*

With an average annual turnover of mobile devices, electronic waste is growing exponentially. By ensuring that your employee devices are properly reused or recycled, valuable materials are kept out of the waste stream, reducing your organizations’ ecological footprint. MetTel Mobile works with leading environmental, health and safety certified vendors to ensure that the right processes are in place to keep your devices out of landfills and get them into the hands of those in need.

Learn more about eCycling (OR) via the U.S. EPA

For more information about how you can participate in the program call 877.963.8663 or contact us for a green credit estimate on your devices.

*Source: Gartner, 2013 Market Trends: How Communications Service Providers Create Value From Disposed Mobile Phones