An End-to-End SASE Solution for Network Security

Cyberattacks on corporate networks are relentless. Almost as quickly as software is updated to stop the latest attack, a new attack vector is created. Secure access service edge (SASE) empowers organizations to quickly and securely connect employees, customers, and business partners using cloud-native services. By leveraging a secure access service edge solution, risk is reduced while compliance is maintained. This is done by combining identity management, threat protection, anti-malware solutions, and other digital infrastructure into one unified solution.

One critical way to protect your network from attacks is by deploying MetTel’s award-winning secure SASE solution, which delivers a speedy, stable network by integrating wide-area networking and security. MetTel’s SASE solution delivers best-of-breed technologies including managed SD-WANFirewall as a ServiceZero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and more. These efficiencies provide branch office and remote users the ability to prioritize business-critical traffic and alleviate network issues.

Max Silber recently spoke to MetTel’s VP of enterprise solutions and security expert, Zachary Grant, to better understand network security. Specifically, how SASE benefits employees and consumers with a cybersecurity strategy that keeps companies’ costs down and protects assets, data, and personal information.