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Forbes Technology Council

Application Mobility Is Key To Business Continuity In The Crisis Economy


By Ed Fox, Forbes Technology Council

For businesses, the world has never been as fraught with risk as it is right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we work and do business, and for some industries, it’s shut them down altogether. And even as we deal with the fallout from the pandemic, we can’t forget that other threats have not gone away — climate change and the natural disasters it can unleash are as real as ever, and cybercriminals have certainly not furloughed themselves during the pandemic.

Because of the immense risk present throughout the business environment, companies need to ask themselves what they can do to ensure that their business will stay functional through a crisis. Given the state of the economy, the stakes have never been higher. Falling victim to a large ransomware attack right now could spell the end of many businesses while cash flow and credit markets are tight.

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