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CIO | Beyond the hype: Preparing for 5G (if you need it at all)


By Ed Fox, CTO

We’ve all heard the incredible promises associated with 5G – lightning-fast speeds, reduced latency and greater capacity, which will help to support an array of transformative new applications, changing the way we work and live. It’s easy to imagine a world enabled by 5G, with autonomous cars, smart cities and intelligent factories. Yet despite the belief that “5G is here,” the benefits have yet to materialize for businesses. So how can we separate the 5G hype from reality?

It’s true that similar to other wide-ranging technologies, 5G will have a long-lasting impact on the way we innovate – eventually. However, the idea that 5G will magically translate into enormous benefits for businesses overnight is just not realistic. Moreover, believing that it can be universally applied to every type of business can be risky, leading business leaders to invest in costly solutions that may not generate returns for years, if ever.

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