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Recent News
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MetTel Launches AI for Communications with Intelygenz; Peering into the Future of the Network

NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCOOct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MetTel today launched AI for Communications, an initiative with Intelygenz, to apply artificial intelligence to telecommunications.  Their goal is to empower corporate networks with predictive insights and analytics to anticipate, and proactively address systemic issues that impact customer service, connectivity, data processing and overall network management.


MetTel’s Customer Innovation Labs, the company’s research and development unit, is engaged with Intelygenz to predict issue potential and accelerate trouble resolution in communications networks.  Under AI for Communications, MetTel will provide consulting services to customers to determine how AI can solve real business challenges through tailored solutions – such as how to best optimize their network and communication resources.

“AI allows us to peer into the future,” said Ed Fox, VP of Network Services and Head of MetTel Customer Innovation Labs.  “Through exponential computations on vast data sets, AI for Communications can literally calculate what will happen next in the network. Imagine what that means.  We will predict issues, mitigate them quickly or resolve them before they occur,” added Fox.

An AI solution poised to drive the future of corporate networks

MetTel uses Intelygenz’s AI engine, T7, a powerful entity that has successfully completed projects from new planet detection for the European Space Agency, to improving transportation efficiency through train tracking, to raising response rates on marketing efforts, and more.  T7 has proven itself repeatedly and consistently, providing industry leaders with opportunities to optimize processes, increase revenue, and create innovative products.

For 16 years, Intelygenz has delivered custom software to large enterprises, evolving toward the deployment of applied AI for Enterprise business.

“We solve real business challenges and genuinely improve efficiencies with tailored AI solutions,” said Chris Brown, Chief Operating Officer of Intelygenz.  “We’re here for all of MetTel’s customers. With tangible, actionable AI solutions, we can make a genuine difference – regardless of business need or industry.”

Examples of how it works

The AI for Communications solution analyzes network performance and management to identify potential issues before they occur and makes informed decisions about resources, provisioning, inventory assessment, asset allocation, trouble tickets prioritization, among others.

For example, when trying to manually analyze the human resources and time investments to determine the rate of degradation for thousands of circuits, the process is inefficient and unclear.  But with AI and automation, accurate forecasting and proactive problem resolution is achievable.

In fact, MetTel uses the solution on its own network to enhance its response services by integrating AI into the Bruin cloud communication platform to predict the next best action for trouble tickets. The technology will allow MetTel to minimize time to resolution and maximize first-time fixes.

“Instead of a room full of experts in different disciplines triaging complex problems, we can harness the equivalent of thousands through AI analyzing trouble tickets and immediately identifying likely causes, based on historical human experience and current network indicators,” added MetTel’s Fox.

Additional benefits  

AI for Communications will be able to:

  • Suggest actions for human users
  • Send tickets to appropriate experts
  • Engage the customer
  • Predict what will happen before it happens to future-proof the network

As part of AI for Communications, MetTel uses machine learning and natural language processing to improve a variety of functions including:

  • MetTel AI chatbots will be deployed for a range of applications, including: calendar schedulers; client troubleshooters; and research missions that enhance customer network data in the Bruin Cloud Communications Platform.
  • Cloud Security Intelligence – new micro-segmentation methods with greater vision and support for today’s Zero Day threats, as well as automated ranking for customers’ security posture vs. industry peers.
  • Client Digital Transformation – analyzing SMS messages for distributed enterprise (branch/store) main lines to identify missed opportunities for sales follow up.

About MetTel
MetTel is a leading global provider of integrated digital communications solutions for enterprise customers. By converging all communications over a proprietary network, MetTel enables enterprise companies to easily deploy and manage technology-driven voice, data, wireless and cloud solutions worldwide. MetTel’s comprehensive portfolio of customer solutions boosts enterprise productivity, reduces costs and simplifies operations. Combining customized and managed communication solutions with a powerful platform of cloud-based software, the company’s MetTel Portal® enables customers to manage their inventory, usage, spend and repairs from one simple, user friendly interface. For more information visit, follow us on Twitter (@OneMetTel) and on LinkedIn, or call us directly at 877.963.8663. MetTel. Smart Communications Solutions.™

About Intelygenz

Intelygenz is an experienced provider of custom business software. It deploys production-ready AI solutions through Terminus7, its Artificial Intelligence division, resolving challenges for leading telecoms, finance, transportation, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and utilities businesses worldwide.

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