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IoT Deployment Challenges Shouldn’t Be a Roadblock to Adoption

iot deployment challenges

While a recent survey examining the state of IoT adoptions in the enterprise world described 78% of IoT projects as “somewhat successful,” the same report indicates that most organizations are moving forward with plans for digital transformation. In fact, if anything, the pandemic over the last year and a half is only increasing companies’ resolve to embrace high-speed connectivity and cloud computing.

This is not the time to be pumping the brakes on IoT deployment plans. Instead, organizational leaders should be searching for partners with established track records in deploying secure, dependable IoT projects to help them solve their business problems and produce new revenue opportunities.

Among the main roadblocks to IoT adoption cited in the report, the leading two issues were high-speed connectivity (41% affirmed this as “the biggest hurdle” to overcome) and deployment/rollout (38%).

The right partner needs to offer, as a minimum, the right combination of proven hardware solutions as well as a variety of economical connectivity options – while providing access to strong analytics for the customer so they can assess performance and impact.

What we hear constantly from enterprise customers is frustration over IoT implementations that turn into “science projects.” The IoT deployment challenges and failures can be directly traced back to the way that they are managed and rolled out from the start. But it doesn’t need to be that way. IoT experts with a proven record of managing successful IoT projects are able to design reasonable roll-out plans with measurable objectives that align with the customer’s business priorities.

There are multiple ways to economically solve business problems and/or produce new revenue opportunities by implementing IoT technology. Some examples include: inbuilding solutions to monitor HVAC/Heating, Plumbing, attendance and air quality; tracking mobile assets and equipment for usage and availability/location intelligence; adopting fleet management tools that provide preventive maintenance, fuel management, location intelligence and driver safety solutions including video. But all of these must be measurable to provide proof of ROI within a reasonable time frame, based on the application.

The Eseye report also states that 99% of respondents indicated the recent pandemic as an impetus to accelerate their IoT project plans, with 91% indicating an intention to increase their IoT budgets. This indicates strong confidence in IoT, 5G and high-speed connectivity technologies and their ultimate business value in the years ahead.

But again, most of the hesitations and fears boil down to how these solutions are managed and deployed. Putting it as simply as possible: this is where extensive experience pays off, and we mean that literally (measurable, attainable ROI). At MetTel, we map out the entire project scope and workflow from the beginning, partnering with customers to clearly define their objectives and KPIs and giving them visibility throughout the IoT rollout to measure progress.

Feel free to check out our Resources library to read case studies and view videos describing past IoT deployments, as well as datasheets for our high-speed connectivity and IoT hardware solutions. This real-world experience demonstrates MetTel’s bonafides as a mature IoT partner that understands the evolution of these technologies and how they can be carefully managed (and measured) to bring your organization’s moving parts together and achieve mission-critical business outcomes.

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