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Innovation Summit 2020: Preparing for the Digital New World Order

Featured blog - Innovation Summit 2020: Preparing for a New World Order - Lori Thomas

Digital Transformation (DX) can be a loaded term; it means different things to different people. Even when you ask organizations that are measuring it what DX means, such as Gartner and IDC, you might get different definitions. However, no matter what our own definition is we can agree that we all share the same digital transformation goal: making information available, accessible and usable—anywhere, anytime and from any device—so you can move your business in any direction whenever you need to.

In essence, that is what we’ll be discussing this week in Arizona as MetTel kicks off its annual Innovation Summit which will expand our clients’ and partners’ horizons with new technologies, methodologies and insights into their own personal digital transformation journeys.

The MetTel Innovation Summit is not designed for analysts, critics or to win awards—even though it does, in fact, win awards. The Innovation Summit is orchestrated for the experts who are implementing digital transformation—for the CIOs on the hook and their teams in the trenches every day, looking for solutions to innovate and drive the world forward.

It’s a meeting of minds that we believe represents a digital “New World Order,” which we define as those organization that are transforming their functions to lead in this new digital age. The “order” referring to those that transform, win, and those that don’t—well don’t. This insight is borne out in research: according to MIT Sloan Management Review companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their average industry competitors and see a 12% higher market valuation. And we think that gap is only going to grow over time.

Over the next week at the Innovation Summit we’re going to focus on real world use cases of emerging technology—and explore how attendees can leverage them. We’ll examine cases that can be dealt with practically, including:  

  • The 5G Evolution in 2020: Although it’s constantly evolving, we’ll look at what major carriers are doing to bring it market, and how it can be turned into practical business applications in this calendar year.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Hyper Automation: The ability to accelerate our insight, critical thinking and business processes beyond human capacity is the power to improve our decision-making exponentially. As applied to IT communications, the possibilities are limitless.
  • Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS): The new state of the art in engagement with digital native customers is CPaaS boosted by AI.
  • Ubiquitous Mobility & IoT: Businesses that lack automation of enterprise mobility and industry specialization of IoT will struggle with the ubiquitous connectivity across their workforce, devices and assets that business will require in the coming years…and will fall behind their competitors.  We’ll explore how businesses can navigate this new world.
  • Business Continuity & Security: The cold fact is that half of all businesses will be hit by a major security breach at some point in the future. We’ll look at how companies can integrate this reality into their security strategies, how to recover their data after a breach and, crucially, how to remain functioning through times of crisis.

We’re going to major on what companies can do to adopt three of the most important technologies for digital transformation—cloud, process automation and AI/advanced analytics (intelligence). It may come as a surprise to some, but many companies are barely tipping their toes into these powerful technologies when they should be diving in headlong, once they understand where to start and focus their efforts.   

One thing about digital transformation—it’s always evolving. It’s always morphing. By its nature it’s a dynamic force. All our customers and partners who will be joining us in Arizona this week are in the midst of their own transformation. The race to digitally transform is not one with a finish line, but the companies that run it the smartest will take market share from their competitors, and those attending the Innovation Summit this week will receive the tools to do just that.

We’re delighted to welcome many of our forward-thinking clients and partners to the Arizona Biltmore next week to share best practices and peer into the future to bring back innovations into the present that move us forward. 

Speaking of peering into the future, we also look forward to Dr, Michio Kaku, our first keynote speaker, taking us on a journey that predicts the transformation not only of our businesses but of the entire human race!

Special thanks in advance to our sponsors for investing in our shared success:

  • AT&T
  • Samsung
  • VMware
  • Intelygenz
  • Raytheon Cybraics
  • Datrium
  • Dubber
  • NICE InContact
  • Viasat

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